The easiest credit management platform for your business.

Our user-friendly portal helps businesses process new customers quickly while minimizing potential financial risks.

woman in blue long sleeve shirt using macbook pro
woman in blue long sleeve shirt using macbook pro

Gone are the days of emailing paper and PDF credit applications to new customers. Establish a customer profile using a simplified online application tool featuring a legally binding digital signature and business credit reports to evaluate creditworthiness.

Credlab Credit Management Portal

The Credlab Credit Management Portal is your go-to location for all your credit management needs. In the portal, you can customize and send out your online credit application, order business credit reports to assess your client's creditworthiness, and request assistance from our friendly, commercial credit professionals.

Save time with an online application for your business.

Does your company use a paper or PDF credit application form? It’s time to upgrade to an online credit application form equipped with a legally binding signature feature to establish a customer profile. Customize the credit application to your company’s needs, send it through a secure link to new clients, and receive notification when the application's been completed and signed.

Get clarity on new accounts with an easy-to-read business credit report

Order a commercial credit profile on your new account so you're fully aware of your new client's credit history and background as a company. Do your due diligence on all new accounts to save your company from potential bad debt and fraudulent accounts. We offer database reports, legal name status with reference checks, and more in-depth freshly investigative reports.

books and calendar on white table
books and calendar on white table

Your free trial of the Credlab Credit Management Portal awaits you.